Athen at Night

Welcome to Athens, Greece!

Over the past 8 months, authorities have been closing in on a sophisticated crime ring of forgers that have been selling expensive fake artifacts to unsuspecting museums and collectors around the world. Their forgeries are top quality and go undetected by many because they contain parts that are real, mixed with counterfeits. Investigators have identified several of the lower ranking agents of the organization, but have yet to pinpoint the mastermind behind the operations.

Fake Artifacts

Your mission is to infiltrate the group by posing as a potential distributor. You’ll need to visit the known agents located throughout Athens and pass each of their screenings in order to get to the mob boss. At each stop along the way, you’ll need to prove your wits to earn cryptic calling cards from the agents. Once you have collected all 10 of the calling cards, you’ll put them together to reveal and capture the group’s leader.

Tip: Review all of the items in your box. There are items and information hidden/included that you’ll need to reference for some of the puzzles.